In House pool league

Fall Session is underway, ends on November 21, 2017.

We take the holiday's off, and the Winter Session will start on January 2, 2018 @ 7pm.

To join send us an email (

Or stop by any Tuesday night and see the league in action.

Click on a file for current stats

pool league spring 2017


Male MVP: Dominic 27-4

Female MVP: Erica 22-16

First Place

Team #7

Paul, Dominic, Peter & Tom L.

Second Place

Team #5

Ron, Doug, Tom M. & Walt

Third Place

Team #2

Rick, Kevin, Ed & Erica

Fourth Place

Team #4

Kevin, Brandon, Paul (back row)

Deb, Peter & Phil (front row)

Fifth Place

Team #8

Peter C., Ryan, Woody & Will

Sixth Place

Team #3

Ana, Steve, Reed & Chris

Seventh Place

Team #1

Jerry, Gary, Stephanie & Frank

Eighth Place

Team #6

Mark, Tom L., Allen, Karman, Beth, Brittney & Dee

(Team photo not available)